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Traffic matter

Posted by Jeffrey P. Nesson | Jul 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

Did you know that if you receive a "payable" traffic ticket in Maryland that you can have an attorney appear for you without your appearance?

What does this mean? You don't have to just plead guilty and pay the fine on the ticket or worry about the points that may be assessed.  Your attorney can plead not guilty for you and the state still has to prove its case.  So, if the officer fails to appear or maybe a necessary witness does not show up you can be found not guilty and there is no penalty.  

Or if you still are pleading guilty, the attorney may be able to convince the court to reduce the fine and/or enter a finding of "probation before judgment" which should not impact insurance and does not result in points.  

Also, in this covid world, it can be possible to appear remotely.

This option does not apply if you have a "must appear" offense, i.e. anything with a potential for jail such as driving on a suspended license.

You should contact an attorney to discuss your options.  Don't just pay the ticket because you were passing through.

The law office of Jeffrey P Nesson has been assisting persons with criminal and traffic problems since 1983.  Call me at 410-363-4488

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